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Delegation of Latvian nature conservation organizations, experts and locals learns about Finnish habitat restoration experiences
An experience exchange trip to Finland has increased knowledge and helped spreading appropriate information on forest management and restoration activities – especially prescribed burning of Western Taiga and restoration of degraded bogs and bog woodlands.
The main aim of this tour was to increase knowledge and confidence about forest habitat restoration and management practices. The reason for organizing this study trip was our gained experience with large-scaled incomprehension of forest habitat restoration and management methods – not only from locals but also from multiple nature conservation organizations in Latvia. We believe that showing similar experience in Finland can help changing opinion of opponents. This study tour has been like one step forward educated society in the field of nature conservation methods.
Participants of this tour represented nature conservation specialists form all of the Regional Administrations of Nature Conservation Agency, representatives from Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia, State Forest Service, project partners and representatives of local landowners.
Study tour was organized in Seitseminen national park and Evo where activities of a LIFE Nature project (“Light & Fire open the Doors for Biodiversity”, LIFE13 NAT/FI/000099, Light & Fire 01/08/2014 – 31/07/2020) are proceeded. There was also a high possibility that participants of the tour will see prescribed burning in action – unfortunately this activity was cancelled due to unfavourable weather conditions.
Examples of habitat management and restoration were explained and shown by Finnish leading forest fire expert Mr. Henrik Lindberg and representatives of Light & Fire – Mr.Jouni Penttinen and Mr.Pekka Vesterinen.
Latvian delegation learned very much. Various examples of prescribed burning as a habitat management and restoration method were shown – where burning was proceeded 2 to 22 years before now. Also the practical information on preparing for prescribed burning was explained and showed. Restoration of bog woodlands and mires was also explained and showed in different sites. Apart from practical information we also learned about Finnish experience in communication with society.